Instagram post ideas.

Post Idea 1: Instagram Tutorial

Want to share something cool you know how to do? Make a tutorial. These posts will get plenty of saves, and therefore usually be some of your best performing posts.

Post Idea 2: Instagram Tips

Even if the tips are fairly well known, people still like to see these posts. Having multiple tips all in one posts will be a great post to send people to when asking you questions, and therefore also save you time.

Post Idea 3: Fixing Instagrams

This was a new post style I tried. I tool one of my followers Instagram's and I 'upgraded' it. Fixing the name, bio, category and highlights. It's still uncertain if these posts perform well as I haven't seen many people doing it.

Post Idea 4: Step-by-step

These posts outline something very specific, in a step-by-step format. Here is a post I made all about speeding up making posts. I used one slide per step and made it easy to follow along.

Post Idea 5: Instagram Case Study

My personal favourite. An Instagram Case study is where you show a posts performance or show your insights, and explain what it means. This was I post where I posted at different times and showed the results.

Post Idea 6: Top Tools & Software

These posts skyrocket in Instagram saves. Which is one aspect that the algorithm judges a post on. Therefore they will normally be some of your highest performing posts.

Post Idea 7: Instagram Milestones

Posting a milestone post shouldn't be a way of showing off your follower count. I use them to share updates with my audience. For example, when I hit 5K I announced my Carousel Course, When I hit 10K I launched my Carousel course, when I hit 20K I announced my new website etc...

Post Idea 8: Instagram Guides

If you have information, usually people will write a blog post or make a video to explain and share that information. Not anymore. Instagram carousels have opened up this untapped method of educating. Here's a Instagram carousel I made from a blog post I had previously written.

Post Idea 9: Company Case Study

Learning from big companies is great, so why not share it as an Instagram Post. I've made many company case studies, and each one performs very well. If you do your research, plan your post and deliver a useful message your Instagram post will hit Explore in no time.

Post Idea 10: Share A Story

Who doesn't love a story? Your audience will love it if you share a story on your Instagram. Here's a story I shared about the fascinating company called Vaev.