How is Znaplink better than

It’s a fair question and one we can’t answer entirely without bias. So rather than creating another tedious side-by-side comparison of features, we’d share some valuable features that you’ll only find in Znaplink.

Magic setup. Easier to use.

Znaplink uses AI to make building your page super simple. When you enter a link, we find a image and description to match.

Automatically show your latest content.

Znaplink has auto updating widgets for TikTok, YouTube and Twitter, so your page is always up to date with your latest content.

Designed for creators.

Znaplink is designed for creators, by creators. Unlike a general website builder, we have specific features for creators. Use the community tab to start building your community.

Manage unlimited pages from one dashboard

Create as many pages as you need, each with unlimited links. Manage all of your brands from one dashboard.

Send unlimited emails to your community.

Say goodbye to complicated and expensive email marketing tools. Znaplink lets anyone build and send unlimited emails.

Organise your links with folders + thumbnails.

Keep your page organised with link folders, buttons, descriptions and thumbnails.

Dynamic blocks

Automatically show your latest content.

Keep your page up to date with the Auto YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter widget. Choose how many videos to show and Znaplink will do the rest, making sure your page is always showing your latest content.

Link Folders

Organise your links into folders.

Link Folders- Most link in bio pages are overwhelming. Znaplink organises your related links into folders to make your page super easy to navigate.

Send emails

Send emails to your audience.

Znaplink Emails - Say goodbye to complicated and expensive email marketing tools. Quickly and simply send emails to your audience.

Advanced features. Zero fees.

Key features that make Znaplink unique.

Modern Design

Create a visually stunning page that looks professional so your visitors can easily find your content.

Auto Updating YouTube Widget

Automatically show the latest 5 YouTube videos from any channel, right on your page.

Built In Analytics

Built in analytics show you detailed insights about the traffic, referrers and statistics of your Znaplink page. For a better understanding of your audience.

Google & FaceBook Integrations

Integrate your Znaplink page with Google analytics and Facebook pixel for more detailed targeting and tracking.

Email Collection Widget

Collect your audiences email addresses right from your Znaplink page, with our pre-built email collection widget.

Multiple Pages

Manage multiple pages from one account, perfect for managers or people with more than one project.

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Unlimited links 🔗

Load your profile with as many links as you like - for free!

Link thumbnails 📦

Let your audience visually preview your links using thumbnails.

Link Folders 📌

Keep your profile organised by placing your links into folders.

Facebook Pixel ⚡

Make the most of your traffic by integrating with Facebook Pixel.

Google Analytics 🔧

Monitor your advanced insights using Google Analytics.

AI Thumbnails 💡

We'll use our AI to automatically find an image or icon that suits your link.

AI Link Descriptions 🔑

No need to write link descriptions - our AI writes them for you!

Auto YouTube Widget 📚

Automatically show the latest 5 YouTube videos from any channel.

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