Tired of Linktree? We hear you 🙌

Many creators are frustrated with the limited functionality and uninspiring design of Linktree. You are not alone. Znaplink is the #1 Linktree alternative, and here’s why creators are switching.

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Unlimited links 🔗

Load your profile with as many links as you like - for free!

Link thumbnails 📦

Let your audience visually preview your links using thumbnails.

Link Folders 📌

Keep your profile organised by placing your links into folders.

Facebook Pixel ⚡

Make the most of your traffic by integrating with Facebook Pixel.

Google Analytics 🔧

Monitor your advanced insights using Google Analytics.

Multiple Pages 📃

Have multiple brands? No problem, Znaplink allows for unlimited profiles.

Social icons 🔥

Enter your usernames to add social icons to your profile header.

In-depth statistics 📊

Built in statistics that show you traffic, clicks, referrers and more!

SEO features 🍪

Add advanced SEO details to help your profile show up in organic search.

Email collection widget 🔌

Collect your visitor's email addresses, connect with Mailchimp.

AI Thumbnails 💡

We'll use our AI to automatically find an image or icon that suits your link.

AI Link Descriptions 🔑

No need to write link descriptions - our AI writes them for you!

Dark Mode 🚀

Dark more and multiple coloured themes to match your profile to your brand.

Books Widget 📚

Add your recommended books to your page with the books widget.
Own your online presence.

Break away from the algorithms. Own our own online presence with a homepage. A reliable home for your content and audience.

The power of community.

Your community is powerful. Don't let that power go to waste. Take advantage of your traffic and optimise your conversions.

Consistent branding.

Your brand becomes blurry online. With so many platforms to manage. Keep a consistent brand in one place, with your homepage.

In case you missed anything.

Read our frequently asked questions and answers below.

What is Znaplink used for? 🧭

Not everyone needs a whole website.You might just need a simple page to contain your links, contact details or a bit about yourself.

a whole website is time-consuming and expensive.

Tools like Squarespace and Webflow are unnecessary for making a simple homepage yet tools like Linktree offer limited functionality.

Znaplink hopes to solve this problem by allowing users to create simple online homepages for free!

Can I connect a custom domain? 🗺️

We understand that custom domains help keep your brand professional and consistent, however at the moment profiles are restricted to using the znap.link domain.

This feature is being developed, while you wait we suggest setting up a redirect from your custom url to your znap.link url.

What are the dimensions for thumbnails? 📷

Znaplink link thumbnails use a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Any dimensions within that ratio will work - however we suggest 1920px x 1080px for the best results.

Why is Znaplink better than Linktree? 💬

If you're currently using Linktree, and are unsure about why you should switch, here's why:

🎉 We're always working on new features. Unlike other tools which haven't innovated on the link-sharing idea, we're always looking for new ways to better organise your online content.

🎉 Linktree profile's look boring. Your audience can be overwhelmed by the long, repetitive list of links. Znaplink profiles organise your links into widgets, which will massively increase your clicks.

🎉 It's 100% free, forever. No paid plan. Get every feature to the tool for free.

How do you make money? 💸

Znaplink will remain 100% free, forever. We're not going to suddenly add a paid plan and remove a bunch of valuable features. Znaplink is funded by our design agency. If you’d like to hire us, get in touch here!

Do you have support? 🔥

We have 24/7 free online support, or have a read through our support & help documentation.

Where can I share my profile? 🔒

Znaplink works with any platform. Use it as your online homepage or website.

How do I get started? 📈

Step 1: Choose a unique username
Claim your perfect link to share with your audience. You can always change this later.

Step 2: Customise your profile's look
Add your profile picture, bio and more. Make your Znaplink page instantly recognisable.

Step 3: Create links and add content
Add your links and organise them into folders. Customise your page how you like it.

Step 4 Share your link everywhere
Share your link across your online platforms. Let your audience access your new online homepage.