Changelog ⚙️

This changelog tracks items that have been completed. The main purpose of the changelog is to keep the product development transparent.

To keep up with important updates, follow our social media channels. For any feature requests, feel free to get in touch on Twitter or via our contact form.

Znaplink Update 2.5

Released December 13th

- Turn links 'On' or 'Off', instead of deleting them
- New Profile Styles in theme settings
- New Banner style profile
- Custom theme builder
- Community analytics
- Verified check for Pro users
- Pro subscription

Znaplink Update 2.4

Released November 12th

- Added Auto Updating Youtube Widget
- Added Community tab to manage email subscribers
- New single link styles

Znaplink Update 2.3

Released October 16th

- Added Mailto (Email) links
- Backend improvements

Znaplink Update 2.2

Released September 12

- Updated 'Kit Widget'
- Removed need for https
- Added help buttons
- Bug and performance changes

Znaplink Update 2.1

Released August 18

- New dark coloured themes
- New 'Books' widget
- New link design on profile pages
- User experience improvements
- Hover animations for profile pages
- Added  website, Clubhouse and Buymeacoffee buttons
- Brand new desktop profile page design

Znaplink Update 2.0

Released July 8th

- Refreshed design for all pages
- Updated font for profiles
- Added a single link block
- Added an email sign up block
- Created a dynamic link creation popup
- Updated theme colours
- New default profile picture
- General bug fixes

Znaplink Update 1.7

Released June 14th

- Redesigned Link editor
- Added new social icons for header (Twitch, Dribbble & Behance)
- Auto generating default links
- New 3D icons
- Random image thumbnails
- Updated dashboard UI

Znaplink Update 1.6

Released May 30th

- Updated Link editor page design
- Ability to track indivudial link statistics
- Added a statistics summary bar, showing impressions.
- General changes & bug fixes

Znaplink Update 1.5

Released April 15th

- Added a guided sign up process
- A.I generated link descriptions
- Speed improvements for page load time
- Bug fixes

Znaplink Update 1.4.5

Released March 29th

-Added 5 new themes for profiles
- Added a dark more for profiles
- Useablilty improvements